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Senrio Discovery

Senrio Discovery

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The most fundamental aspect of IT or IoT system administration and security is understanding what is in your enterprise. You cannot manage or secure what you do not know you have. Whether your concern is security and preventing surprise, or definitive knowledge to support compliance, licensing, or service agreements, it all starts with a comprehensive understanding of what is using your bandwidth.

Senrio Discovery is a lightweight version of our flagship product, Senrio Insight. It quickly identifies devices that are connected to your network: what you bought, what people bring (BYOD), and what you don’t know about (Shadow IT). Our extensive database of connected devices and adaptive learning technology enables us to rapidly identify known and previously unknown devices. Export that device data in .csv format for ingest into your preferred asset management or other administrative, visualization, or security tools.

Please be advised that we cannot support home/personal users at this time. We love to tinker too, and we know sometimes people like to test drive things at home before they bring them up at work, but right now our focus is business customers. If you cannot or are unwilling to provide an organization name and work email address, please hold off on testing Discovery for the time being. 

Installation/Download Note: 

We had a deluge of interest in "Discovery" that we didn't expect. We had some issues with the cross-platform application installer....So to get the free* version into the hands of everyone much sooner, we are releasing it as a VM that can be used on any OS with free versions of VMWare.

A VM download is bigger than an installer unfortunately, but the upside is that you'll be able to use it MUCH it sooner!

Update 15June2018: The OS specific installers are ready for download (OSX, Windows, and Linux)!

Discovery VM Installer Guide PDF

VM Installer

Discovery OS Installer Guide PDF

OS specific installer


Our app also features real-time chat embedded DIRECTLY in the app! You can chat with our support team for most (not all) of your support needs. (Support times are during business hours PST/PDT). 

Keep an eye out for this in the Discovery UI!

*Free user signups will be screened, but paid users will not.