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Senrio Insight 30-Day Trial License

Senrio Insight 30-Day Trial License

$ 2,000.00

With this Senrio Insight trial license, you can access the web UI, API and the cloud services that Senrio Insight provides:

  • Identify all devices in your enterprise
  • Build profiles of device activity
  • Get alerts on abnormal activity
  • Search for and interrogate devices and network traffic
  • and much more....

To collect device data (to populate the cloud instance) you will need to add at least one sensor to your network. Your options include:

You can install as many Insight sensors as you need to your cloud instance (there is no additional charge for multiple sensor software installations).

The trial license also includes installation support (email), and access to tutorial videos. Your 30-days officially begins when your first sensor begins reporting to the cloud.